Air cooled Thyristor rectifier

All constructions and developments are carried out in-house, so that the customer can be provided with a maximum of flexibility.


This is ensured by high degreee of in-house production depth, including transformer and choke production.

  • Optional with Thyro-Bipol-Power
  • Optional with Powerpuls
  • Single T/R from: UDC = 2 - 1.000V / IDC = 100 - 100.000A
Technical Data
  • Mains: 3x400V / 50Hz (worldwide mains-conditions possible)
  • Regulating: current and/or voltage with 1% accuracy (stepless electronic 0...100%)
  • Signals: current, voltage, status, fault (fault signals optional)
  • Control: interface for external control
  • Ripple: approx. 5% at regulated full-DC-output voltage (optionally with smoothing)
  • Rectifier connection: 6-pulse rectifier-connection (optionally 12-pulse)
  • Operation mode: 100% duty cycle
  • Temperature: +40°C (higher temperature conditions possible)
  • Cooling: natural convection or forced air cooling
  • Detection: phase position; phase rotation; phase loss; over current relay; mains low voltage; short-circuit detection;
  • temperatures
  • Degree of protection: IP20 - IP66 (with additional air- water- heat-exchanger)

Data sheet

  • Field-bus interface (Profibus; Profinet; Modbus; RS-485 etc.)
  • Electronic switch of DC output polarity (reversal operation mode)
  • Process control (PLC-control with Visualization and documentation in Excel)
  • Smoothing devices (L and LC smoothing 1% possible)
  • Ah-counter-integration
  • Main switch in the front door
  • Thyro-Power-Pulse
  • Special taylor made constructions
  • Transformer tappings
Thyro Power provides
  • high speed regulation
  • high regulating accuracy
  • short-circuit management
  • no mechanical wear
  • low maintenance and high reliability
Application range (for example)
  • Dip coating
  • Electrolysis
  • Corrosion protection
  • Plasma technology