The robust rectifier which is also suitable for aggressive ambient conditions.


The basic rectifier design of the regulated transformer rectifier series is characterized by a motor-adjustable regulating transformer drive and a high-current transformer with downstream silicon diode set in 6-pulse circuit.

Individual devices from:

  • UDC = 0 - 1.500 V
  • IDC = 100 - 20.000 A
Technical Data
  • Network: 3 x 400V/50Hz (worldwide network adaptation possible)
  • Control: via binary more/less signal
  • Setting range: 0 - 100 % freely adjustable
  • Messages: Current, voltage, status, fault (individual fault messages optional)
  • Operation: Interface for external control
  • Residual ripple: 2% over the entire setting range
  • Pulse count: 6-pulse rectifier structure
  • Operating mode: 100% ED
  • Ambient temperature: +35°C (adaptation to higher temperatures possible)
  • Cooling: natural convection or oil/water cooling
  • Monitoring: phase position; phase sequence; phase failure; mains undervoltage; short-circuit detection; temperature
  • Protection class: IP54

Data sheet

  • Bus coupling (Profibus; Profinet; Modbus; RS-485 etc.)
  • Mechanical change of output polarity (bipolar operation)
  • Transformer taps
  • Smoothing devices (L and LC smoothing up to 1% possible)
  • Ampere hour counter function
  • Remote control (optionally with timers or SPS control)
  • Special designs according to customer requirements possible without any problems
Oil cools and protects
  • Intensive cooling of components
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Outdoor installation also possible
  • No noise pollution
  • Low maintenance and reliable