Power-Boxen by IPS-FEST


Excess regeneratively generated electricity from wind power plants and photovoltaic plants can be stored in the existing gas networks as chemical energy in the form of hydrogen or synthetic natural gas using the storage technology known as Power-To-Gas - just like a giant rechargeable battery. In connection with the future expansion of regenerative power generation, it is becoming increasingly important to call up excess energy when needed.

Advantages of the chemical storage of electricity in the form of hydrogen or methane (natural gas) produced from hydrogen through the use of carbon dioxide are the high energy densities, the rapid availability and the diverse direct possibilities of use for mobility, the energy industry and industry. Hydrogen, for example, is also required as an energy carrier for fuel cells, which in future will also make an important contribution to effective, decentralised energy supply and individual mobility.

IPS-FEST GmbH considers hydrogen electrolysis as a key technology. The idea is captivating: to convert excess power into hydrogen by electrolysis, to store it temporarily in the gas network and to be able to retrieve it at any time (e.g. H2 fuel cell, hydrogen filling stations or re-powering).

In this context, producing hydrogen from water by electrolysis is also the most energy-efficient way. The energy required for this is supplied by the surplus electricity generated from renewable sources when there is low demand for energy.