Electrochlorination is the process of generating hypochlorite by passing an electric current through salt water. Is used for the disinfection of water and for human consumption. Examples are: Disinfection of swimming pool water and drinking water production.

IPS-FEST GmbH has many decades of experience in this field of optimal power supplies for the application electrochlorination. Both for a safe exhibition area and for explosive environments.


Technical Data
  • Mains: 3x360 V - 480V / 50-60 Hz low voltage up to 3x20 kV / 50-60 Hz medium voltage
  • Signals: Current, voltage, status, fault (individual fault messages optional)
  • Regulating: current and/or voltage stabilisation
  • Control: Microprocessor controlled with touch display (on rectifier or remote control possible)
  • Ripple: approx. 5% at full scale
  • Rectifier connection: 6-pulse rectifier (optionally 12-pulse possible)
  • Opeation mode: 100% duty cycle
  • Ambient Temperature: +35°C (higher temperature conditions possible)
  • Cooling: air, water, oil cooled
  • Detection: phase position; phase sequence; phase failure; mains undervoltage; short-circuit detection; temperatures
  • Degree of protection: IP21 - IP65