Cathodic dip painting

The basic rectifier design of the IPS-Thyro-Power-LK series for dip painting/dip coating systems is characterised by the following components: supply transformer, power switch, thyristor rectifier in B6C conncetion, current limiting and smoothing choke as well as PLC control. All process-typical signals can be recorded, influenced and displayed or transmitted in dialogue by programming.

Single devices from:

  • UDC = 100 - 1.000V
  • IDC = 100 - 4.000A
switch cabinet Cathodic dip painting
CDP-Power offers
  • Very fast control
  • High control accuracy
  • short-circuit monitoring
  • No mechanical wear
  • Low maintenance and reliable
Technical Data
  • Mains: 3x400V / 50Hz (medium voltage adjustments e.g. 3 x 10kV / 50 Hz possible without problems)
  • Regulation: Voltage stabilisation with subordinate current limitation (stepless 0...100%)
  • Current limitation: 20 - 100% freely adjustable
  • Operation: SPS - display with interface for master computer control
  • Residual ripple: approx. 5% at full DC voltage (operating range selectable)
  • Pulse count: 6-pulse GR structure
  • Cooling: forced air cooling
  • Ambient temperature: +40°C (adaptation to higher temperatures possible)
  • Monitoring: phase position; phase sequence; phase failure; mains undervoltage; short-circuit detection; temperatures; semiconductor fuses
  • Feedback: Actual value for current and voltage; status messages; fault messages
  • Protection class: IP20
  • Operating mode: 100% ED
  • Bus coupling (Profibus; Profinet; Modbus; RS-485 etc.)
  • Switchover fields for multiple assignment of the DC output voltage
  • coupling thyristors
  • free-wheeling diodes
  • Polarization voltage freely adjustable
  • Ramp-shaped DC voltage curves (adjustable)
  • Earth current detection / bath short-circuit monitoring
  • Potential-free anode current monitoring